Field Type – Icon Font – Star Rating

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Field Type – Icon Font – Star Rating

Field type Star Rating

You can easily add a couple of icons as a way of indicating a status or rank.
  • The field is rendered as a single row of icons.
  • You can have up to six icons.
  • You can choose to use a single shape or two different ones.
  • Icons can be customized.


Field type icon font requires adding one of the available icon fonts to your WordPress site. The most popular seems to be Font Awesome but there are others you may use as well.
This type of fonts allow you to add vector (resizable) icons, styled with CSS. Compared to image based icons, font icons are much faster which helps with your overall WordPress website speed.
Staff List plugin itself has no icon font built-in. You will need to link or download the font you wish to use. It may be already included with your theme.
There is also the SVG with JavaScript implementation of Font Awesome that can be used with our field types icon font. It automatically replaces i tags with svg
We do not provide any support regarding selecting an installing icon fonts. Googling “How to add icon fonts in your WordPress theme” should provide required directions.

Icon Options

Staff Template > Input Fields > Icon Font – Star Rating > Icon Options
Staff List plugin, field type icon font star rating
Icon Tag
  • i
  • span
Most of the time you will choose the default i tag.
Max Number of Icons
The available range is 1 to 6.
Icon Type
  • Web Font with CSS
  • SVG with JavaScript
Class – Icon On/Off
On class is required. No icons will show up if this field is left empty.
Off class and style are optional.
With On and Off populated, you’ll have two set of icons to show the the full range and current rating.
You can also leave the Off section empty and display only one type of icons to indicate status or rank.