Field Type – Name Multipart

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Field Type – Name Multipart

Recommended for person name, address or any other kind of multipart data.
  • Has four parts.
  • All parts are displayed on the same line.
  • You can display field parts in any order.
  • You can have different display order on staff and single pages.
  • You can filter or search on part of the field.

Staff Template – Multipart Field options.

  • Number of the field part. (1)
  • Field label. (2). Displayed above text box on a data entry screen.
  • Staff page, optional prefix. (3)
  • Staff page, optional suffix. (4)
  • Single page, optional prefix. (5)
  • Single page, optional suffix. (6)
  • Staff page, field part display order. (7)
  • Single page, field part display order. (8)
  • Field description. (9). Displayed under text box on a data entry screen.

Staff Member – Data entry screen.

  • Field label. (2). Identifies what data to enter in each part of the field.
  • Field description. (9). Provides directions on how the field should be filled out.

Multipart field options Prefix – Suffix.

You can add punctuation marks to each of the field parts. These options, plus separate display order for staff and single pages makes multipart field quite flexible and well suited for person’s name.
  • You can add comma, dash or other punctuation marks to individual field parts.
  • Staff page and single page can have different punctuation marks.
  • Suffix and prefix are displayed only when linked part of the field has a content.
  • By default, filed parts are separated by a single space.
1. No prefix or suffix. (3, 4, 5, 6).
2. Suffix.
Field part: Last Name. Staff page suffix (4).
3. Prefix.
Field part: Degree. Staff page and single page prefix (3, 5).
No prefix when Degree field has no data.