Field Type – Static Label (inline) + Text

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Field Type – Static Label (inline) + Text

Has two parts: Static Label and Text.
Text field is the same type as Single Line Text.
Label is displayed next to data entry e.g. Mobile: 098-765-4321
The same label will show up on all records.
You can apply individual custom styles to static label and field data.
Static label: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Staff Template – Field Options
  • Enter a text of a Static Label, e.g. Mobile. (1)
  • Enter Field Label. (2)
  • Enter Field Description. (3)
Plugin Staff List, input field type Static Label and Text, static and other labels
Staff Member – data entry screen.
Label and optional description (2, 3) will provide the user with directions on how the field should be filled out.
WordPress plugin Staff List, field type Static Label and Text, data entry
Static Label
Static label is optional.
The field data will show up, even when the static label is left blank.
The static label won’t show up, if there is no field data.
You can apply custom styles to static label.