Group by Categories

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Group by Categories

Displays staff records divided into groups. Live Preview

Categories filter vs grouping by categories.

Categories are for filtering (creating subset of data). Groups are for arranging records into sections.
You can combine filtering and grouping by adding shortcode parameters.
In the above example only records from the Board of Education group will be displayed and grouped by settings of grouping template (GRPCAT-8003).
To have staff members filtered or grouped by categories, you have to first assign one or more staff categories to these records. Staff List Pro > Staff Categories.

Grouping by Categories

1. Add a group.
Groups > Add Template > Options > Type of Grouping.
  • Select Group by categories.
  • Click Publish.
wordpress plugin, staff list, group types
2. Add group items.
Groups > Options > Items > Category Slugs.
Add category slugs not category names!
See Staff Categories for a list of categories you can use for grouping.
wordpress plugin, staff list, group by categories
3. Publish and preview.
4. Adjust the layout.

Step-by-step: How the live preview was created.

1. Add staff categories.
Staff List Pro > Staff Categories
  • Board of Education
  • Board President
  • Board Vice Presidents
  • Board Members
2. Assign categories to staff records.
Staff Members > Staff member > Staff Categories
  • Category: Board of Education to all records.
  • Category: Board President to president of the board.
  • Category: Board Vice Presidents to vice presidents.
  • Category: Board Members to board members.
3. Create a group.
Groups > Add Group > Options > Type of Groups.
  • Select Group by categories.
  • Click Publish.
wordpress plugin, staff list, group types
4. Add category slugs.
Groups > Options > Items
staff list, group by categories
5. Create the staff list page.
  • Create the page if not already created.
  • Get staff list shortcode from: Template Options > Shortcodes > Staff Page Shortcode.
  • Add shortcode to the page.
We’ve added category filter to show only a subset of records (Board of Education).
6. Add grouping parameter.
wordpress plugin, staff list, grouping shortcode parameter
  • Copy the shortcode parameter from Groups > Options > Shortcode.
  • Open the page where you have placed the staff list shortcode.
  • Add grouping parameter to the staff list shortcode.
  • Update the page and preview.