Group by Text Field

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Group by Text Field

Displays staff records divided into groups. Live Previews.

Grouping by text

1. Add a group.
Groups > Add Template > Options > Type of Grouping.
  • Select Group by text.
  • Click Publish.
2. Add text to group by.
Options > Items > Group Names.
Name of the group has to match exactly content of the field to group by.
3. Select what field to use for grouping.
  • Select both field ID and field type.
  • Available field types: Single Line Text, Multipart Field, Sort Text.
  • Field type has to match the field number (check your staff template).
  • For multipart fields, select what part of the field to use for grouping.
4. Publish and preview.
See section: Shortcode Parameters for details.
5. Customize groups layout.
See section: Layout for details.