WordPress Plugin Staff List – Groups

Grouping gathers together records based on field content or category. It doesn’t add any data but only arranges how the records are displayed on a page. Each section starts with the group header and shows all the items belonging to the group.
Groups template doesn’t have a hierarchy option. Both categories and subcategories are displayed on the same level (group header > group content).
Groups are not recommended for large number of records. This option works well for small teams to arrange staff members by position or job function.

Types of Grouping

  1. Group by categories.
  2. Group by text (content of a text field).
  3. Group by first letter A-Z (first letter of a text field).

Creating a Group

  1. Add group template. Groups > Add Template.
  2. Select type of the grouping. Grouping Template > Options > Type of Grouping.
  3. Fill out the layout section. Options > Layout.
  4. Add grouping items. Options > Items.

Displaying the Groups

  1. Copy the shortcode parameter from Grouping Template > Options > Shortcode.
  2. Open the page where you have placed the staff list shortcode.
  3. Add grouping parameter to the staff list shortcode.
  4. Update the page and preview.
wordpress plugin, staff list, grouping shortcode parameter
Shortcode parameters differ based on type of grouping.

Filters and Groups

To create a subset of records and display it by the groups you can combine filtering and grouping.