How It Works

WordPress Plugin Staff List – How It Works

WordPress plugin Staff List flowchart how it works

1. Staff Template

Staff template gives you the full control over how and what data is displayed on web pages. It has two functions:

  • Form designer
  • Front-end customizer

Form designer.  You can create data entry fields, select data types, add field labels. In short, you’ll build a data entry form.

Front-end customizer.  You can choose a page layout, apply your own styles and modify other aspects of web presentation.

2. Staff Member (Data Entry Form)

Staff Member custom post has all the fields you’ve created in the template. It contains data of a single staff member. There is also an image section where you can select a photo from WordPress Media Library.

Before creating the staff member record you need to assign a template to it.

3. Web Pages

To show the staff members on your website, create a page and add a shortcode to the content area.

To create a page for an individual staff member, add a single page shortcode.

Both shortcodes can be found in your template under Shortcode tab.