Image Hyperlinks

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Image Hyperlinks

WordPress plugin Staff List. Text or image hyperlinks to single page.
To make photos clickable, add hyperlinks to your staff images.
  • Image hyperlinks are optional.
  • In most cases they will direct your users to the single pages.
  • You can use global settings (staff template) to auto create image hyperlinks.
  • You can also manually add them to individual records (staff members).
  • Different page types require different hyperlinks. See: Single page types.
Most of the time you’ll be adding this type of image hyperlinks.
Template Options > Single Page Options
WordPress plugin Staff List. Single Page options, only image hyperlinks.
  1. Single Page URL. Required, see: Create Single Page.
  2. Show Link = Yes.
  3. Link Text. Add some text or leave it empty. It creates text hyperlink.
  4. Add link to staff image. Checked.
  5. Open in a new tab or window. Checked or unchecked.
Staff member record – Image Link.
Image hyperlinks have been added as a global option (see above).
SP will show up as a default value. Staff images are clickable and will open single pages.
NT SP if Open in a new tab or window has been checked.

Link an image to a Single Page

To create an image link to built-in Single Page:
  • Go to: Image > Image Link
  • Enter: SP
How to link an image to a Single Page

Open the link in a new tab

To open a link in a new tab, add prefix NT to the link. There should be a space between NT and the URL. Example: NT SP
Open image link in a new tab

Link attributes

image link attributes
You can add nofollow and other hyperlink attributes.
Example: rel="nofollow"
You can add multiple attributes and attributes with multiple values. Staf List won’t validate, format or fix the syntax. Content of the attributes field will be rendered as is.

Link onClick JS

You can add JavaScript code snippets to onClick event.
Staf List won’t validate, format or fix the syntax. Field content will be rendered as is onclick="ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘category’, ‘action’, ‘label’, ..."