Input Fields – Field Styles

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Template – Input Fields – Field Styles

You can customize the visual aspect of the staff fields:

  • HTML tag.
  • Font size.
  • Margin.
  • Custom CSS Class.
  • Custom Inline Style.
Staff Template > Input Fields > Field Styles
WordPress plugin Staff List, staff page and single page, field style options
1. Field Style
The field style options will be applied to both staff and a single pages.
To override the above settings for a single page – add single page styles (2).
2. Field Style – Single Page
The field styling will be applied to a single page.
Field Style (1) options will be disregarded and used on staff page only.
3. Custom CSS
Custom CSS: classes and/or in-line styles.
You can apply different custom styling to Staff and Single pages by adding class prefixes.
For your field container you can select one of the HTML tags. DIV is the default one.
Staff List, staff page, field tags