Links to Single Page

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Links to Single Page

Links to a Single Page

  • Image hyperlinks.
  • Text hyperlinks.
Activate custom field type: Single Page Text Link:
  1. Show Link = Yes.
  2. Enter Link Text.
When rendered on a web page it will have the same hyperlink setting as staff images.
Text link field can by styled and arranged in any order (Filed Order – Staff Page).
If you do not use a single option, you can easily remove the hyperlink.
Template > Single Page Options – Single Page Text Link
  • Show Link = No.
  • Link Text = empty.
Instead of using built-in single page link, you can use a standard hyperlink field.
  1. Go to: Input Fields > Add a New Field.
  2. Create the hyperlink field.
  3. On staff member form enter SP as an URL.