Links to Single Page

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Links to Single Page

Links to a Single Page

  • Image hyperlinks.
  • Text hyperlinks.
text or image hyperlinks to a single page
Staff Template > Template Options > Single Page – Options
Single Page Text Link: this is built-in field, designed to create text hyperlinks to a single page. The field is optional and has to be activated to work. Like other input fields, it can by styled and ordered.
Activate Single Page Text Link
  1. Show Link = Yes.
  2. Link Text = single page hyperlink.
how to set up built-in field type text hyperlink to a single page
If you do not have a single page, you can easily remove the hyperlink.
Template > Single Page Options – Single Page Text Link
  • Show Link = No.
  • Link Text = empty.
Instead of using built-in single page link, you can also use a standard hyperlink field.
  1. Go to: Input Fields > Add a New Field.
  2. Create the hyperlink field.
  3. On staff member form enter SP as an URL.