Quick Start

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Quick Start

The quickest and best way to get familiar with the Staff List plugin.

1. Create staff template and staff member records.

Execute custom script to create staff template and 3 staff member records.
  • Go to: Staff List > Admin > Quick Start tab.
  • Enter Template Name.
  • Select Template Layout (Pro only).
  • Click Create Records.
create quick start template

2. Preview the template.

Preview the Staff Template created in Step 1.
  • Go to: Staff List > Staff Templates.
  • Open the template.
  • Get familiar with Template Options.
  • Check Input Fields section. There should be 6 fields created.
preview quick start template

3. Preview the staff members.

Preview the Staff Member records created in Step 1.

  • Go to: Staff Members.
  • There should be 3 staff member records.
  • Staff member records will contain sample data.
  • Open each record and check field names and data.

4. Create the staff list web page.

Create a page to display staff list members.

  • Go to: Staff List > Staff Templates
  • Open the quick start template.
  • Go to: Template Options > Shortcode
  • Copy the Staff Page shortcode.
  • Create a new page.
  • Paste the shortcode into a content editor.
  • Save the page.
  • Open the newly created page.

5. Create single page

Create a page to show date of a single staff member.
How to create and publish a single page: Step by Step.