WordPress Plugin Staff List – Template Options – Shortcodes

How to publish a staff page.

To add staff list to any page or post – just insert a shortcode.

How to publish a single page.


Staff Page Shortcodes

Each layout type has its own shortcode. Contains two parts:
  1. Template type.
  2. Template ID (number).
Shortcode can have options. No options = show all staff members linked to the template.

Shortcode Options

To modify Staff List output, add options to the basic shortcodes.
Add ajax parameter ajax="1" to set up partial page refresh (pagination and filtering).
Ajax parameter works only with Staff List Pro version of the plugin. Live Previews.
Category Filter – Included Categories
Show only records from categories listed in category parameter. You can create a subset of staff members from a single or multiple categories. More…
Category Filter – Excluded Categories
You can also show records only from not excluded categories. Not in category-exclude.
Master Option
You can use different templates with the same set of staff member records. More…
Random Option
Displays staff list members in a random order.
Use top option to limit the number of records.
Paging is not supported with random option.
Sort Order
Records can be returned in ascending or descending order (ASC or DESC).
ASC is the default. See: Sort Order
Custom Sort Options
A custom sorting is a convenient way to to implement a special sort order that default ordering option can’t provide. See: Custom Sort Order.
Single Page
You can create a dynamic page to display single staff members. Only one page is required to show all staff members (one at the time). How to create and publish a Single Page.
Single Staff Member (Hybrid Page)
You can create a dedicated page to display a single staff member. Staff member ID is hardcoded. More…
Categories Menu
You can add categories menu (Staff List Pro only). How to create a categories menu.
Live preview – Categories menu.
Live preview – Categories menu with Ajax.
AZ Menu
You can add AZ menu (Staff List Pro only). How to create AZ menu.
Live preview – AZ menu.
Live preview – AZ menu with Ajax.
Multi Filter Menu
You can add Multi Filter menu (Staff List Pro only). How to create multi filter menu.
Live preview – Multi Filter menu.
Live preview – Multi Filter menu with Ajax.

Shortcode – Master Option

You can use different templates with the same set of staff member records.
id=”6336″ layout template (template ID).
master=”5484″ source of data (template ID).
  1. Create a template. This is going to be your MASTER template.
  2. Add staff members.
  3. There is no template type: master. Any template can be used as a master template.
  4. Create another template. This is going to be your LAYOUT template.
  5. Instead of creating from scratch use Duplicate option.
  6. Do not add any staff member records to this template.
  7. Add fields to the layout template.
  8. Field IDs and datatypes must much the master template.
  9. You don’t have to add all fields, just the one you need.
  10. You’ll use the master template to add, delete or update staff member records.

To display the LAYOUT template, add option master to the shortcode.


Hidden Records
You can use shortcode option hidden-records to display records of hidden staff members. Used mostly for maintenance or quick review.
hidden-records="1" Show only staff members with the flag set to: Hide Record (do not show up at the front end).
hidden-records="2" All staff members including the hidden ones.