Upcoming Birthdays

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Show Upcoming Birthdays

You can be alerted about upcoming birthdays and show them on:
  • Existing page.
  • New page.
  • Sidebar widget.
To display upcoming birthdays you’ll need two templates: Master and Birthdays.
Master. This is your template, used for all staff members. No changes are needed.
Birthdays. This is the template you’re going to create. Do not add any staff members to it. The Master will provide all the required data.

How to display upcoming birthdays – Step by Step.

1. Create the birthdays template.
  • Go to: Staff List > Staff Templates
  • Click: Add New.
  • Enter a title.
  • Go to: Template Layout.
  • Select one of the layouts. We suggest Layout C.
  • Click Publish.
Optionally, duplicate the Master template if you have plugin like Duplicate Page.
2. Add fields to the birthdays template.
  • Add only the fields required for the birthdays page.
  • Field numbers and types have to match the Master template.
  • The birthday field is required. The others are optional.
  • Customize the display options. Only master’s data will be used not the layout.
  • For the birthday field, choose one of the date formats which display only day and month not the full date. Date Display Format.
3. Create the birthdays page.
Skip this step if you want to add the shortcode to already existing page.
4. Get the shortcode.
  • Birthdays template > Template Options > Shortcode.
  • Copy the shortcode.
  • Paste it on the upcoming birthdays page.
  • Update.

5. Add upcoming birthdays parameters.

Add shortcode parameters to render the birthdays page.
master parameter.
Format: master=”5484″
Number, the ID of the master template: Template Options > Shortcode.
date-plus parameters. Comma delimited string:
  • Start date.
  • End date.
  • Field number of the birthday date field.
Start date: 0 = current date. 1 = previous day. Zero or any positive integer.
End date: 7 = start date + 7 consecutive days. Any positive integer.
Field number: Fx where x = field number of the birthday date field. You can get this value from your birthdays template. Example: F12

6. Preview the page.