Ugly Permalinks

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Ugly Permalinks

The permalink is the entire link (URL) to a post or page.
The simplest and most popular option. Easy to convert to pretty permalinks when required.
    • Only one WordPress page is needed.
    • This page will display dynamic content – individual staff members.
    • The page can have any name.
    • Subpages will also work with ugly permalinks.
    • Permalinks are built by appending query parameter smid=staffID to the single page URL. + ?smid=598
  1. Create and publish single page.
  2. Set up links to single page.
  3. Adjust field order.
  4. Preview single page.
Create and publish single page. Only one page is needed.
WordPress plugin Staff List. Single Page options, create ugly permalinks.
  • Single Page URL. Required. For how to, see step 1 (above).
  • Show Link = Yes.
  • Link Text. Text you want to show up on the staff page as hyperlink to a single page.
  • Add link to staff image. When checked, staff image will be hyperlinked to the single page.
  • Open in a new tab or window. Optional. When checked, single page will open in a new tab.

3. Adjust field order.

Field position on staff page.
Link Text, when populated, adds field type: Single Page Text Link.
Simply drag it up or down and it will be saved in that order.
  1. Open the staff page.
  2. Click on an image or text hyperlink.