Single Page

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Single Page

Single pages are optional.
Disregard this part of documentation if you don’t use single pages.

Single page types.

Staff List plugin can accommodate a few different types of single page:
  • Dynamic single pages with ugly permalinks.
  • Dynamic single pages with pretty permalinks.
  • Hybrid single pages.
  • Static single pages.

Dynamic vs hybrid vs static pages.

Dynamic Pages. Populated with data returned from the database. Only one WordPress page is needed to display individual staff members.
Hybrid Pages. Can have a mix of dynamic and static content. Each of the staff members has to have a separate page created.
Static Pages. You can add links to already existing pages or create a new ones. It’s up to you to populate them with data.
Low maintenance and simplicity are the main benefits of the dynamic single pages. On the other hand, hybrid or static pages may provide better SEO results but require some extra work.
You may want to look into all of the available options and choose the type of single page that will work best for your project.