Single Staff Member – Dynamic Pages

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Single Staff Member – Dynamic Pages

Dynamic single pages.

The most popular option.
Only one WordPress page is needed to show any of the staff members.
  • When rendered as a web page, will show data of a single member.
  • Dynamic page is populated on the fly from data stored in a database.
how single page works

Dynamic page URLs.

Dynamic single pages have to have a query parameter appended to the end of a URL. It’s required for server to access a database and generate the unique content.
Staff List plugin will auto generate required hyperlinks (URLs).
Dynamic pages will work with ugly and pretty permalinks.
Single page with no query parameter. It won’t display any data.
Single page with query parameter (ugly permalink). + ?smid=598
See Ugly Permalinks for more.
Single page with with query parameter (pretty permalink). + emmanuel-bourne
See Pretty Permalinks for more.