Staff Page

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff List Page

Staff Page

  • Staff page displays a list of staff members.
  • Staff List can show only members linked to a single template.
  • You can choose the page layout: List, Grid A or Grid B.
  • For a large number of records you can add paging.
  • Each of the staff members can be linked to a single page – staff member profile.

Staff Template

  • Both staff list and single pages share the same template.
  • Staff Template has a separate layout options for a list of staff and a single page.
  • Input fields can be displayed on the list page, single page or both.

Data Entry

Staff Member > Staff Member Data > Staff Page.
Staff and a single pages can share the same data.

How to create and publish a staff list page.

  • Go to Template Options > Shortcodes
  • Copy Staff Page shortcode.
  • Create a new page.
  • Paste the shortcode into page content editor.
  • Save the page.
  • Open the newly created page.
WordPress plugin Staff List, staff template, staff page shortcode WordPress plugin Staff List page shortcode

Gutenberg editor – how to add a shortcode.

Create a shortcode block and add Staff List shortcode.
WordPress plugin Staff List Gutenberg shortcode block