Staff Order – Sort Text Field

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Order – Sort Text Field

Sort Text field can be selected as a default sort option.
Records are sorted in alphabetical, ascending order by content of the Sort Text field.
Sort Text field has to be populated for sorting to work.

Template Options > Staff Order > Sort Option > Sort Text field

Staff Member – Sort Text

Staff page shortcode

Staff order, set to Sort Text field doesn’t require any shortcode parameters.

Staff Members admin table

When Sort Text is selected as a default ordering option, SortTxtOrder column will be refreshed every time you update the staff member record.

Hierarchical sorting

Sort Text field can be used for hierarchical sorting (multiple-key sorting). It allows you to sort data according to multiple sorting criteria in a hierarchical manner.
For example, to display manager as a first item on the staff members page, enter:
010 Last Name First Name
For the rest of the team:
020 Last Name First Name
You can modify an expand this concept to fit your requirements.

Sorting on numeric values

Numbers are stored as strings and sorted alphabetically. In other words, numbers will be sorted based on the individual digits that make up the value, instead of on the numeric value. For example, the value 11 appears before 2, and the value 12 appears before 3.
To make the sorting work with numbers involves “padding” values that contain fewer digits with leading zeroes. For example, you change the values 1, 2, and 3 to 0100, 0120, and 0130.