Staff Order

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Template Options – Staff Order

All sorting options are available in both versions of the Staff List plugin – free and pro.
The sorting is alphanumeric. Output depends on your database settings, mainly encoding and collation. Most of the time it’ll work as expected. Inconsistent sorting may happen if your records contain accented characters.
Before adding a large number of records, make sure the data you enter in the field selected for sorting will match your requirements (desired sort order). Testing is strongly recommended.

Built-in sort options.

Template Options > Staff Order > Sort Option
The quickest and simplest way to choose how the staff members are ordered on a web page is to select one of the built in sort options.
  • Post Title.
  • Sort Text field.
  • Manual.
No shortcode parameter is required to use one of the above options.

Custom sort options.

  • Random staff order.
  • Custom staff order.
Both of them require shortcode parameters.

Recommended sorting options

Post Title or Sort Text field.
Either one is recommended and will provide the optimal performance.
Other options should work well with smaller number of records. Performance with large datasets may vary.


Before adding a large number of records, you’ve to decide what data to enter in the field selected for sorting. Most users prefer to do have staff members ordered by Last, First names.
Either Post Tile or Sort Text field will work well in this scenario.
In other cases, custom sorting may better accommodate your requirements.