Staff Order

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Template Options – Staff Order

By default, Sort Text field is used for sorting. Before adding a large number of records, you’ve to decide what data to enter in this field. Most users prefer to do have staff members ordered by Last First names.
For performance reasons ordering by Sort Text field is your best choice. There are also a manual and custom sort options that you can use.

Sort Option – Sort Text field.

Records are sorted in alphabetical, descending order by content of the Sort Text field.
There is a shortcode option to sort in ascending order if required.
The Sort Text is a default field and it’s always added to all staff member records. It’s usually populated with Last, First names.
This is the fastest and recommended option for sorting of staff list records.
Template Options > Staff Order > Staff Members – Sort Order.
Our Staff List CSV plugin has an option to populate Sort Text field when importing data.

Sort Option – Manual Sort

For smaller number of records you can choose manual ordering. Simply drag the items up or down and they will be saved in that order.

Random Sort

To show records in a random order, add option random to your shortcode. Paging is not supported with random option.

Custom Sort

A custom sorting is a convenient way to to implement a special sort order that other ordering options can’t provide. See: Custom Sort Order.