Staff Template

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Template

Staff Template is a starting point for a new staff list project. It gives you a full control over what and how data is presented on web pages.
Controls visual aspects of your presentation.
There is set of layout options you can use to modify your presentation. Both whole page and individual fields can be styled and customized.
Specifies what data can be entered and displayed.
There are no default data fields. Staff template defines what data entry fields will be available on staff member screen.
Creates a subset of staff member records.
Staff members are linked to a single template. You can add another set of records by selecting a different template. Categories also can be used to divide the staff members up into groups
You create any number of staff templates.
Main Sections
Template Options. Choose and modify page layout, set up order of the data fields, select sort order, activate pagination, etc.
Input Fields. Build a data entry form: create fields, select data types, add field labels, customize field display styles (tags, fonts margins, custom classes), etc.