Structured Data

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Structured Data

Structured data allows search engines to not only crawl your site, but to truly understand it.

Do I need to be a SEO expert to manage structured data?

No, as long as you are familiar with and other structured data concepts.
Staff List plugin provides a set of options to easily add structured data to both list and single pages.

Types of Structured Data Markup

  • Microdata
  • Microformats
  • RFDa

What type of markup does Staff List create?

JSON-LD. Google recommends using JSON-LD for structured data whenever possible.

How to add and test your Structured Data.

Staff templates have a set of options you can use to add structured markup. No coding is required. You simply use the vocabulary to find out the item type and properties to enter into structured data fields.
  • Staff Template > Template Options > Structured Data.
  • Staff Template > Template Options > Single Page Options > Structured Data.
  • Staff Template > Input Fields > Field > Structured Data.

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