Staff List Pro – Live Preview – Circular Images

WordPress Plugin Staff List Pro- Live Preview – Grid A – Circular Images

Paula Ackerson
Business Systems Analyst
Ph: 123-5555-2323
Emmanuel Bourne
Senior Programmer Analyst
Ph: 989-3322-6655
Chen Yong
Database Administrator
Ph: 222-333-66666
Christie Meares
Systems Engineer
Ph: 123-44444-9999

Live preview. WordPress plugin Staff List Pro version.

Layout: Grid A.

It’s rather easy to add the circular option to your images.

There are no mandatory fields. You can add only the fields required by your application.

There are over twenty field types to choose from.

Free version of Staff List plugin can save and display 10 data fields, the Pro can handle up to 40 fields.

Both free and pro versions of the plugin have an option to create and display single pages.