Staff List Free – Live Preview – Categories Menu

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Free Version – Live Preview – Categories Menu

Staff Name
Christie Meares
Office Manager
Ph: 123-5555-8721
Lisbeth Ødegård
Finance Manager
Ph: 123-5555-2578
Staff Name
Hamilton Piedra
IT Coordinator
Ph: 222-333-77777
Ackerson Paula
Mónica Sánchez
Ph: 123-5947-2145
Staff Name
Charles Taylor
Junior Accountant
Ph: 222-373-77147
Live preview of WordPress plugin Staff List, free version with categories menu.
You can easily add categories menu to staff page. Create a menu and add shortcode parameter: menu-id=”CAT-XXX”
For partial page refresh you can add an AJAX option (Pro version only).

Layout: single column. Images on the left, text on the right. Pro version has four different layout options.

The width of the left container can be adjusted to accommodate smaller or larger images.

There are no mandatory fields. You can add only the fields required by your application.