Before You Start

WordPress Plugin Staff List Table – Before You Start

Staff List Pro plugin has to installed and activated.
Staff List Pro is used for adding, updating and deleting staff member records.
Staff List Table displays staff member records created by Staff List Pro.
Staff List Table sorts and filters the records. There is no editing.
There is no limit on the number of tables you can create.

Staff List Table data.

  • Staff List Table displays records created in Staff List Pro.
  • Staff List Table displays records linked to a template selected as a Data Source.
  • You can show a subset of records by adding category filter.

Common features.

  • Table data can be ordered by clicking on column header.
  • You can sort on hidden values. Example: display First Last names; sort on: Last First.
  • Search box will search for matches in all columns.
  • You can exclude columns from the search.
  • You can add menus and filters (categories, a-z and others).