Quick Start – Table A

WordPress Plugin Staff Search – Quick Start Table A.

1. Create table template.


2. Select source of data (Data Source).

wordpress plugin staff list table datasource

3. Set up layout options.

You can leave all options at default values and adjust them later.


4. Add table columns.

Go to section Table Columns.
  1. Select the column’s data type.
  2. Click Update.
Add one or two columns only. You can add the rest later.

5. Set up the column options.

  1. Enter the text to show as the column header.
  2. Select Staff List field to display in the column.

6. Set order of columns.

You don’t need to create columns in a specific order. You can reorder them anytime.


7. Publish the table.

  1. Create a new page.
  2. Copy shortcode from table template > Options > Shortcode
  3. Paste the shortcode into the page content editor.
  4. Save the page.
  5. Open it for preview.
wordpress-plugin-staff-search-table-a-shortcode wordpress-plugin-staff-search-table-a-publish-page

8. Preview and test your new search table.

  • Open the page for preview.
  • Test column sorting.
  • Test the search option.