Staff Member

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Member

Custom post Staff Member contains data of a single staff member.
Input fields, labels and field order are set in Staff Template section ot the plugin.
Staff Template – design of the staff member forms.
Staff Member – filling out the forms.

Add Staff Member

  • Staff List > Add New
  • Enter post title.
  • Select Staff Template.
  • Click Publish.

Selecting a Template

The first step in creating a Staff Member record is to select a template.
You can skip the above step by selecting one of your templates as a default one: Staff List > Admin > Default Template.
  • Switching templates after you fill out the form is not recommended since it may cause the loss of data.
  • Deleting a field from the template will also delete all data associated with it.
  • You can add new fields anytime.
  • You can change the field order anytime.
Switching templates may cause the loss of data.
There are no default fields. All fields are a custom. When created, each field has an ID and data type e.g., F1Paragraph Text.
When you switch a template and the new one has F1 field set as a Hyperlink you’re going to lose all data previously entered in this field.
On the other hand, your data is safe if your new template has both field ids and data types identical to the old template.
Safe Way to Change a Template.
Sometimes you may need to merge some records created under two different templates into a single one. The safe way to do that is to use Staff List CSV – an import-export extension to Staff List plugin. As long as data is compatible it should be an easy task.