Upload Options

WordPress Plugin Image Collections Pro – Upload Options

  • Default options.
  • Collection options.

When you create a new collection default options are copied and saved as collection options.

Check, customize and save the options before uploading images.


collection options

Collection Options


No Duplicates

Checked: Upload will disregard any files with file names already existing in a collection.

Unchecked: All files are uploaded. Duplicates are renamed.


Save Originals

Checked: Original images are saved.

Unchecked: Original files are discarded after images are resized and thumbnails are crerated.


Save Image Metadata

Metadata is parsed and added to the database. Both EXIF and IPTC are saved.


Publish Images

Checked: Published flag is set to true. Images are listed under Published tab.

Unchecked: Published flag is set to false. Images are listed under Unpublished tab.


Resize Images on Upload

You can choose to resize images on upload or upload images as is.

When resize option is unchecked, images are not processed during the upload. Dimensions, quality and other settings are disregarded.

This option is available only for large images.


Image Width and Height

Maximum image width and height after resize. 

Image dimensions are required for Large Images. Medium size and thumbnails are optional.

When you set both values to zero no image is created.


Image Quality

Quality – image compression. WordPress default value is 90%. Smaller number = smaller file.


Fixed Dimensions

Checked: All images will have the same dimensions – width x height. Images will be cropped if necessary.

Unchecked: Images are resized to the specified maximum dimensions. Images are not cropped.


Originals, Large, Medium, Thumbnails

You can have up to 4 image sizes.  Large images are stored in a collection folder, others in coresponding subfolders: originals, medium, thumbs.

Large images are required, others are optional.

When you set image dimensions to zero no image is created.