Staff List Search – Quick Start

WordPress Plugin Staff List Search – Quick Start


  • Staff List Pro plugin have to be installed and activated.
  • Staff template has to be created.
  • Staff member records have to be added.
  • Staff list page has to be created and tested.

1. Add a new search form template.

  1. Staff List Search > Search Forms > Add New
  2. Add template title.
  3. Save template.

2. Add a filter.

  1. Search form > Filters > Filter Type
  2. Select one of the filter types.
  3. Click update.

3. Add filter options.

  1. Filters > Filter 1
  2. Add filter settings. Each of the filter types has different set of custom options.
  3. Click update.

3. Add other filters.

You can add other filters now or do it later, after publishing and testing the search form.

4. Publish the search form.

  1. Search form > Options > Shortcode
  2. Copy the shortcode parameter.
  3. Add menu-id shortcode parameter to the staff shortcode.
See Publishing Search Form.

5. Test the search.

Open the staff list page and test the search.

6. Add other filters.

You can have up to six filters.

7. Customize the search form.

Search form > Options
  • Layout
  • Labels
  • Filters Order