Staff Template – Image Options

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Template – Image Options

Staff Template > Template Options > Image
Global image settings. Borders, overlays and other visual effects.
  • Margins.
  • Borders.
  • Animations on hover.
  • Drop shadows.
  • Circular image option.
  • Custom image attributes.
  • Overlays.
  • Custom styling.
  • Image placeholders.
The above options can be set on Template Options screen.
staff list template, image options screen

Image Attributes – SRC and ALT

The img tag provides two attributes:
  • SRC – required, contains the path to the image (URL).
  • ALT – Holds a text description of the image. It isn’t mandatory but useful for accessibility. Screen readers read this description out to their users.
Since they usually point to distinct images, both of them can be added on Staff Member screen.
See also placeholder section for other options.

Custom Image Attributes

You can use Image Attributes text box to add custom attributes.
For instance, modern browsers implement browser-level lazy-loading, which can be enabled entering loading=lazy (loading=”lazy” or just lazy will also work).
You can set it up as a global option (Template Options > Images > Image Attributes) or for individual records (Staff Member > Images > Image Attributes).