WordPress Plugin Staff List CSV – Overview.

Staff List CSV is an import-export extension for a Staff List plugin.

CSV Import

Import Staff Member records from any spreadsheet application.

  • Simple import process.
  • Option to set Column Delimiter, Field Enclosure and Escape Character.
  • Preview file before import.
  • Map CSV columns to Staff List fields.
  • Save mapping for future imports.
  • Data is loaded into temporary table for preview before import.

CSV Export

Back up Staff Member records to a spreadsheet or a CSV file.

  • Simple export process.
  • Option to set Column Delimiter and Field Enclosure.
  • Select what Staff List fields to export.
  • Save selection for future exports.
  • Data loaded into temporary table for preview before export.


  • Import module doesn’t support importing of categories.
  • You can import image URLs but images have to be loaded manually to WordPress media library.
  • Export module doesn’t support exporting of categories.
  • Images are not included in the export file. Just image URLs.

Option to import and export categories will be added in the future release.