Import Options

WordPress Plugin Staff List CSV – Staff Import – Import Options.

CSV file to import.

  1. Click Select CSV File.
  2. Upload CSV file to WordPress Media Library (if not there already).
  3. Select the file from WP Media Library.
  4. Click Save Changes.
Filename. Auto populated, name of the file selected in step 3.
CSV File URL and CSV File Location. Auto populated on save.

CSV file format.

Column Delimiter: Comma, Pipe, Semicolon, Tab.
Field Enclosure: None, Double Quotes.
Escape Character: None, Double Quotes.
Select options to match the format of your CSV file.
For more see: Import File Format.

Image URLs.

  • Staff List CSV plugin doesn’t import image files. It has to be done manually.
  • Images are uploaded to WordPress Media Library.
  • Staff List CSV plugin can import image URLs.
Steps required import and display images:
  1. Upload image files to WordPress Media Library.
  2. Import Options > Image URLs. Select options you wish to use.
  3. Based on the above selection enter data into CSV column.
  4. Map CSV column or columns to the staff template fields.
Image URLs
Images – Absolute URL. CSV file contains full URLs including the filename.
Image Directory. Disregard when Absolute URL is selected as an option.
Images – Filename. CSV file contains just the filenames.
Image Directory. Required when Filename is selected as the option.
Image directory and filenames are concatenated and imported as absolute URLs.
Field Mappings
To import image related data you should map CSV columns to staff list fields.

Staff Template

Select the template you want to link your staff members to.