CSV Encoding

WordPress Plugin Staff List CSV – Encoding.

Encodings are a complex subject which we won’t try to explain here. See Character encodings for beginners if you want the technical details.
The important thing to know is that the plugin will generate errors if the file contains characters not supported by the encoding selected when exporting to CSV.
For creating files containing non-ASCII characters we recommend LibreOffice Calc.

Encoding – Import

  • UTF-8 or Default encoding if the data is pure ASCII (bytes 0-127).
  • UTF8 if the file contains extended characters such as ä, è, ö, ü.
  • No BOM (byte order mark).

Encoding – Export

  • UTF-16LE. CSV files can be used with Excel or any other spreadsheet program.
  • UTF-8. CSV files for direct import into staff list. Often used for data transfer between development and production servers. Don’t use this encoding for spreadsheets.