Staff Import

WordPress Plugin Staff List CSV – Staff Import.

Step by Step

  1. Upload CSV file to WordPress Media Library. File upload.
  2. Set up import options.
  3. Preview uploaded CSV file.
  4. Map CSV fields to staff fields.
  5. Run import preview.
  6. Check categories to be imported.
  7. Import data.
  8. Check import status.
No staff records are added or changed until you’ll go to step 7 and execute the actual import.
You can test different file formats and options (steps 2-6) until you’re ready to import the data.
  • Staff List Pro has to be installed and activated.
  • Staff Template has to be created. It should have all the fields you want to import.
  • Create staff page to preview the import results.
  • Staff Categories have to be created if included in the import file.
CSV file format.
  • A valid CSV file is required. We won’t be able to create one for you.
  • There are no official and final specifications regarding CSV file format. While RFC4180 exists, it is far from definitive and goes largely ignored. See CSV File Format .
  • You have to know your file’s encoding, column delimiter and other specs.
  • Excel is not the best application to export a spreadsheet to a text (CSV) file. LibreOffice is a better option.
CSV file content.
  • Post Title is required. Other fields are optional.
  • Data not present in the CSV import file can be added later but manually.
  • Remember to include data used for sorting and filtering.
  • Categories column should be added and populated to assign them to staff members.
Import testing.
  • Temporary tables are used for previews. No staff records are added or changed until you’re ready and execute the actual import – Import tab.
  • Feel free to test different file formats and import options.
Import process.
  • CSV import won’t synchronize or update the existing data. All records are added as new staff members.
  • Always start with a test file. It should have all the required columns but only a few records.
  • Preview an output (staff members) after importing the test file. Make sure all data is in the right format and expected place.
  • Staff List CSV plugin can handle a large number of records but your web server (database) may have not enough resources to import such amount of data in a single transaction. Split CSV file if it contains too many records.
  • Use Import Preview tab for the final check before actual import.
  • Make sure the fields used for sorting and filtering will be by populated during the import.