Data Options

WordPress Plugin Staff List Birthdays – Data Options

Main section for selecting the source of data and date ranges.
wordpress plugin staff list birthdays data options

Data Source

Required. Select the one of the Staff List template as a source of records. It has to have a date field you want to use as a filter. The field has to be populated.
Staff member records are used to add and edit dates. The Birthdays plugin selects and filters already existing data.

Date Field

Required. Select the field you want to use as filter.
It has to contain dates in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD) like filed type Date + Static Label.

Range in Days

Required. Number of days to show.
Enter the number of days into the future (starting from the current date) to include in the list.

Start Date Adjustment

Optional. Number of days past.
Enter the number of days to keep the birthday/anniversary in the list after it has passed.