Data Options

WordPress Plugin Staff List Birthdays – Data Options

Main section for selecting the source of data and date ranges.
wordpress plugin staff list birthdays data options

Data Source

Select the Staff List template as a source of records. It has to have a date field you want to use. The field has to be populated.
Staff member records are used to add and edit dates. Birthdays plugin only selects and filters already existing data.

Date Field

Select the field you want to use as filter. It has to contain dates in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD) like Date + Static Label.
You may want to update the template after selecting the data source. The date field dropdown is refreshed and will contain field descriptions.

Range in Days

Required. Enter an integer to define the number of days ahead of the event.
Example: 7 will show a list of the current day birthdays plus next six days.

Start Date Adjustment

Optional. Enter an integer to adjust the start date. The default is today (blank entry).
You can use this option for testing or to modify the current date in case of server located in different timezone.