Input Fields

WordPress Plugin Staff List Birthdays – Input Fields

The Birthdays plugin selects and filters already existing information. Staff List Pro is a source of all data. It is used to add new and edit existing staff member records.
Staff List Birthdays is used to select and format the already existing fields.

Source of Data

Field ID. Required. Select the field to be used as source of data.

Field Label

Optional. Used only for Input Fields tab name.

Field Parts Order the same as:

Multipart Field only. Staff Page or Single options.

Date Display Format

Field type date.
Date saved as YYYY-MM-DD is used for dates calculation but may be not suitable for displaying on staff member pages. For that purpose there is built-in option to choose the display format.
For birthday dates you may want to choose MM/DD on some other similar format.


Works the same way as Staff List option: No, Hide, Delete Field.