Quick Start Birthdays

WordPress Plugin Staff List Birthdays & Anniversaries – Quick Start


  • Staff List Pro plugin have to be installed and activated.
  • Staff member records have to be added.
  • For birthdays, staff members have to have DOB date field.
  • For anniversaries, staff members have to have employment date field.
  • Date fields have to be populated.

1. Add birthdays template.

Staff List Birthdays > Birthday Templates > Add New
  1. Add template name.
  2. Select the layout.
  3. Save.
wordpress plugin staff list birthdays add birthday template
wordpress plugin staff list birthdays select birthday template layout

2. Select source of the records and other data options.

Template Options > Data Options
  1. Data Source. Select the Staff List template to be used as a source of records.
  2. Date Field. Select the DOB (birthday date) field.
  3. Range in Days. Enter 90.
  4. Save.
Range in Days. This number can used for initial testing. You can change it later.
wordpress plugin staff list birthdays data options

3. Add a field – Person Name.

Input Fields > F1.
  1. Select field type
  2. Click update.
  3. Select Field ID.
  4. Click update.
Field ID = id of the staff member field.
The birthday field has to be of the same type as the staff member field.
Example: Multipart Field = Multipart Field, Date + Static Label = Date + Static Label.
You’re not creating data entry fields. You’re just mapping existing staff member data to the birthday fields.

3. Add other filters.

You can add other filters now or do it later, after publishing and testing the search form.

4. Publish the search form.

  1. Search form > Options > Shortcode
  2. Copy the shortcode parameter.
  3. Add menu-id shortcode parameter to the staff shortcode.
See Publishing Search Form.

5. Test the search.

Open the staff list page and test the search.

6. Add other filters.

You can have up to six filters.

7. Customize the search form.

Search form > Options
  • Layout
  • Labels
  • Filters Order