Quick Start Recent Hires

WordPress Plugin Staff List Birthdays – Recent Hires Quick Start

There is no custom template to display recently hired employees. Instead you can create and use Birthday Template.
There are a few different settings between upcoming birthdays and recent hires but most of the options are the same.
  1. Add birthday template. Follow all steps outlined in Staff List Birthdays – Quick Start.
  2. Template Options > Data Options > Staff Template Date Field. Select Hire Date (the staff list field )to be used as a filter.
  3. Range in Days. Enter the number of days you want to see the data for.
    Example: last 30 days = 30. It will show the newly hired employees in the last 30 days.
  4. Start Date Adjustment, enter 0. It defaults to the current date.


To display recently hired employees, add shortcode parameter: