Pretty Permalinks

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Pretty Permalinks & Page Title

“Ugly” permalinks

This is the default option when creating a link to a Single Page. It takes the form of the URL followed by a query string smid and the staff member ID.


“Pretty” permalinks

The domain and page names followed by identifier targeting the individual staff member.

  1. Refresh rewrite rules.
  2. Create a single page.
  3. Pretty permalinks page name.
  4. Create links to a single page.
  5. Add pretty permalinks.

Ugly permalinks will work with any page name.

Pretty permalinks will work only with pages named:

  • bio
  • profile
  • profil
  • perfil
  • profilo
Permalinks won’t work with subpages.
Won’t work:
Will work:
  1. See: Create Single Page.
  2. Add single page shortcode.
  3. Save.
  4. Edit permalink to make sure the page name is one of the listed above.
  5. Save.
Page name is the last part of a permalink URL.
You can extend built-in permalinks and add your own set of options. See: Custom Pretty Permalinks.
  1. Open Staff Member record.
  2. Staff Member Data > Options > Single Page SEO Options > “Pretty” Permalink
  3. Enter Person name or any other text. Example: john-smith.
  4. Permalink should not include spaces or accented characters.

Pretty permalinks are optional. If you leave the field blank the link will still work as “ugly” hyperlink.

Refresh rewrite rules

To activate Staff List pretty permalinks, refresh WordPress rewrite rules:

  1. WordPress admin Settings > Permalinks.
  2. On the Permalink Settings page click Save Settings.

Don’t make any changes. Just open the page and click Save.

  • You need to do it only once, after you install and activate the Staff List plugin.
  • This procedure is not required after automated updates.

SEO friendly page title

You can add custom page title for individual staff member records (HTML, head, title).

Single Page SEO Options > Page Title

This option may not work with some SEO plugins.