Template Options

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Template Options

Modify page layout and other aspects of your staff list application.
  • Staff Page – Layout. Numer of columns, width, margins, custom styles.
  • Staff Page – Containers. Item, image and text container styles.
  • Image. Image style, animations, overlay options, placeholders.
  • Single Page – Layout. Width, margins, custom styles.
  • Single Page – Options. Single page shortcode, single page URL, text link.
  • Social Icons. Icon options, custom icons.
  • Pagination. Pagination seetings.
  • Field Order – Staff Page. Set up order of the fields on staff page.
  • Field Order – Single Page. Set up order of the fields on single page.
  • Staff Order. Choose manual or sort text option.
  • Shortcodes. Get staff shortcode.
  • Menu.