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There are almost 40 staff member field types you can choose from.
Some of them can hold a generic content like: text, paragraph, static text. The others are designed for a specific type of data like: email, phone, name, address, etc.
Selecting a field type is the most important part of the design process!
Visual effects like fonts, margins or field order can be modified anytime.
Once created the field type can’t be changed!.
The field’s type determines what kind of data the field can store. Please, make sure it will fit your requirements before adding any production data.
At development stage, you can delete a field and replace it with other field type.
Please contact us if you need any help with selecting field types.

Staff member – data entry form.

There are no default data entry forms. All of them are the custom ones, created by the developer. Data entry persons are presented with the screen containing only the required fields, descriptive labels and optional direction on how the field should be filled out.

Staff member – data entry fields.

  • Staff list template is us used to build the data entry form.
  • Add only the fields required by your application.
  • Fields don’t have to be created in a specific order. You can reorder them later.
  • Each of the data entry fields can have label and description.
  • You can use your preferred language for labels and description.
  • Label usually describes the field’s purpose. Description explains how to fill it out.
  • Field labels can’t be displayed on the front-end.
  • There are generic fields like: text, paragraph, static text.
  • There are also dedicated field types like: email, phone, name, address, etc.
  • You can add up to 50 fields (10 in a free version).
Staff member records also include built-in sections: Image, Icons and Options. They can’t be modified but the content is optional.
For details see: Add Field, Delete Field and Field Types.