How it Works

WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard – How it Works

Staff List vCard extension won’t work in a standalone mode. Staff List or Staff List Pro have to be installed and activated.
1. vCard Template
vCart template is linked to to staff template and requires selecting:
  • vCard version.
  • Staff template.
2. Field mapping
vCart data comes from staff member records. Staff fields have to be mapped to the matching vCard properties
There are also some static data options. They can be added directly to vCart template.
3. vCard Hyperlink field
Staff List has a field type: vCard Hyperlink. Adding this field to Staff List template, creates download links displayed on staff or single pages.
4. Staff members vCard Hyperlink fields
Download field is added to all staff member records. It has a few options than can be used to customize the output for individual records. The default values usually suffice.
5. Download links
vCard download links are displayed on staff, single or both page types.
6. Download vCard
Clicking the download hyperlink starts the vCard builder.
7. vCard builder
vCard files are not stored on the server but generated on the fly. They will use the most recent data available.
It may take a few seconds to generate the .vcf file. Expect longer processing times for slow or busy systems.
8. vCard created
Download pop-up widow is displayed. There are options to save the file or open the default app.