WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard- Properties

Staff List vCard defines the following property types:
  • ADR
  • ADR
  • FN (required)
  • N (required)
  • NOTE
  • ORG
  • ROLE
  • TEL
  • URL
All vCards also include required:
Only the properties listed above are available in Staff List vCard plugin. To see all properties go to:

1. Create staff template.

2. Add input fields.

  • Staff templates don’t have any default fields. All fields have to be added on Staff Template screen, Input Fields section.
  • You want to add only the fields required by your application.
  • You don’t have to select all the fields at once. You can add or delete them later, as needed.
  • Adding a field requires selecting data field type. See: all field types.
  • Selecting the field type is the most important part of the design process!
  • Once created the field type can’t be changed! (there are some exceptions).
  • Visual effects like fonts, margins, field order or layout can be modified anytime.
  • If you’re not sure what field type is best suited for your staff members data – please contact us.
  • For more see: How to add a field.

3. Set Field Display Options

Field data can be displayed on Staff Page, Single Page or both.

4. Add Staff Member

Staff member has to be linked to one of your staff templates.
Template selector is usually located in the right column of the data entry screen.
WordPress lugin staff list, staff member-template selector

5. Add Staff Member Content

The fields you’ve defined in the template are displayed on Staff Members form.

  • Fil out the form.
  • Click Update

6. Create and publish a Staff Page

7. Create and publish a Single Page

This step is optional. It can be done later.

8. Customize the Template

You can modify the look and feel of your presentation by adding custom styles or adjusting built-in layout options.

  • Template Options > Custom Styles . Change display properties of Staff List sections.
  • Input Fields. Customize the individual fields.
  • Template Options > Field Order – Staff. Change fields order on staff pages.
  • Template Options > Field Order – Single. Change order of fields on single pages.
  • Template Options > Staff Order. Change order of the individual records.