Staff List vCard – Plugin Extension

WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard – Overview.

A vCard is a text file format standard, for sharing contact information.
vCards are stored in “.vcf” (Virtual Contact File) files. They usually contain name, address, telephone, email and photos.
A vCard can be electronically imported into your address book.

Staff List vCard output options:

Dynamic vCards
  • Download links are added to staff or single pages.
  • Staff List field type: vCard Hyperlink is used to create the links.
  • VCF files are created on the fly from the current staff member data.
  • The process is automated and requires only the initial setup.
Static vCards
  • VCF static files are generated manually and saved.
  • vCard Preview section is used to create .vcf files.
  • Data available during the saving process is used.
  • Download links will point to the static (.vcf) files.
  • Staff List field type: Hyperlink with Static Text is used to create the download links.
How to use static vCard files.
vCard static files are text files with .vcf extension.
Staff List
Field type: Hyperlink with Static Text can be used to create the download links.
Other applications
Create download links. You can use the HTML download attribute to specify that the target will be downloaded when a user clicks on the hyperlink.