vCard QR Code How it Works

WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard – QR Code How it Works

1. QR Code template.

The template contains all the options required to render QR Code image.
Once selected vCard version and Staff List template can’t be changed.

2. Fields mapping.

QR Code Properties.
Staff List fields have to mapped to QR Code properties.
The properties are the same as vCard properties and match vCard specification.
Not all properties have to be selected. Only the ones you want to include in your QR Code.

3. QR Code preview.

Updating the template, populates the mapped properties with staff member data.
QR Code is rendered and displayed. You can preview, scan or download it.

4. QR Code testing.

Click QR Code Preview hyperlink to open the image in a new tab.
Use the built-in camera or QR code scanner app to test it on your mobile device.

5. QR Code and Staff List.

Staff List and Staff List Pro plugins have dedicated field types to display QR Code images.