QR Code Template Options

WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard – QR Code Template Options

Creating new QR Code template.

  • QR Code > vCards QR Code > Add New.
  • Add template title.
  • Select vCard version (3.0 or 4.0).
  • Select staff template from the dropdown.
These setting can’t be changed after you publish (save) the template.


  • QR Code template is linked to the Staff List template.
  • Both linked templates (Staff and QR Code) have to published and active.
  • Deleting one of them, will make the other not work as expected.

Template options.

vCard version
3.0 or 4.0. Selected during template creation. Can’t be changed.
Staff Template
Name of the staff template linked to QR Code. Can’t be changed.
Correction Level
Low, medium, quartile, or high.
Capability to restore data if the code is dirty or damaged. Raising this level improves error correction but also increases the QR Code size.
Low option (7% damage) seems to be the best choice in this specific environment.
Block Size Mode
By default, block sizes are rounded to guarantee sharp images and improved readability.
Margin (default). The size of the QR code is shrunk if necessary but the size of the final image remains unchanged due to additional margin being added.
Enlarge. The size of the QR code and the final image are enlarged when rounding differences occur.
Shrink. The size of the QR code and the final image are shrunk when rounding differences occur.
Test different rounding options and check the output (QR code preview section). Choose the one that will best fit your requirements.
The final image size may somewhat differ from the selected one based on block size mode.
You can add additional margin around QR Code image if desired.
QR Code label.
Currently you can add an optional label to the bottom of the QR code.
Label Static Prefix
It can be a static prefix or a text of the label if FN options is set to: No.
Often used for call to action like Scan me or to match whatever information you’d like to promote.
Label FN
Renders the content vCard property: FN.
Can be combined with suffix or used by itself.
Label Font Size
You can set it based on image size and length of required text.
There is no wrap option. Text is center aligned and will be truncated if wider than the image container.