vCard Property – ADR

WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard – Property ADR

ADR – address (optional).
A structured representation of the physical delivery address for the vCard object.
ADR;TYPE=home:;;123 Main St.;Springfield;IL;12345;USA
Address components and positions according to vCard Format Specification RFC 6350.
  1. the post office box
  2. the extended address (e.g., apartment or suite number)
  3. the street address
  4. the locality (e.g., city)
  5. the region (e.g., state or province)
  6. the postal code
  7. the country name (full name).
ADR format specifications
The values of the address parts MUST be specified in their corresponding position.
Experience with vCard 3 has shown that the first two components (post office box and extended address) are plagued with many interoperability issues. To ensure maximal interoperability, their values SHOULD be left empty.
Content lines SHOULD be folded to a maximum width of 75 octets. Multi-octet characters MUST remain contiguous.
vCard template – ADR
Output vCard3.0
ADR;CHARSET=UTF-8;TYPE=WORK,PREF:;Genslerstraße 60;;Obersüßbach;Baden-Württ
ADR;CHARSET=UTF-8;TYPE=HOME:;Королева Ул., дом 15, кв. 36;;Новосибирск;Ново
 сибирская область;390-191;Россия
Output vCard4.0
ADR;TYPE=WORK;PREF=1:;Genslerstraße 60;;Obersüßbach;Baden-Württemberg;51147
ADR;TYPE=HOME:;Королева Ул., дом 15, кв. 36;;Новосибирск;Новосибирская обла
vCard template – ADR section.
Address section is designed to handle both static (1-2) and dynamic (3-4) addresses.
When staff members share the same institution or company address, static section (1-2) is recommended.
For other scenarios where individual addresses are preferred, there is a dynamic option (3-4).
Staff List recommended field type to store address data is Address Multipart. All field parts can be easily mapped to vCard address property
Preferred address
The ADR property can include the “PREF” parameter to indicate the preferred delivery address when more than one is specified.
Use the Preferred dropdown (5) for that purpose. This setting is optional.