WordPress Plugin Staff List Pro – Changelog

Current Version
3.9.7 20220412
  • Update: Admin section, added link to docs changelog.
  • Update: Added help link to docs page: Single Page Options.
3.9.6 20220322
  • Update: Links to new doc pages (admin section).
  • Update: Set ajax=2 to display AZ menu noDataMsg. Otherwise the staff template message will show up.
3.9.5 20220224
  • New: Added option to disable check for updates. Admin – Plugin Updates.
  • Update: abcfl-autil to version 008.
3.9.4 20220218
  • Update: Redesigned data entry fields, field type SLDTE (date).
  • Update: Container ids for staff and single page changed.
  • Fix: Added missing parameter slTplateID to show vCard hyperlinks on staff pages.
3.9.3 20220207
  • New: Added option to create link to a single page from MP field type.
  • Update: Added font size 40px (2.5rem) to font dropdown.
  • Update: Field text link to single page. Hide text box on staff members when empty.
  • Update: Field order staff page. Don’t include SPTL when Link Text is empty.
  • Update: Updated pot file.
  • Update: abcfl-input to 227.
  • Update: abcfl-admin.css to 146.
  • Fix: MTF menu. Added missing container ID.
3.9.2 20220119
  • Update: Options related to links to single page. Better support for custom settings.
3.9.1 20220118
  • Fix: Paginator errors related to PHP 8 fixed.
3.9.0 20220103
  • Update: Deprecated LIB option for image ALT.
  • Update: Deleted all code from deprecated folder.
  • Update: Single page layout, redesigned some of template inputs (custom CSS).
  • Fix: Single page now works with isotope templates.
3.8.9 20211226
  • Update: Added a few links to staff template > documentation.
  • Fix: Mismatch of parameters for List layout – groups.
3.8.8 20211216
  • New: Isotope filters, corresponding templates and page layouts.
  • Update: abcfl-html to 172.
  • Fix: Field type Addres. Added missing read only section. For staff member screen.
3.8.7 20211112
  • Fix: Removed duplicate code to fix conflict with RGGCL.
3.8.6 20211112
  • Update: Modified auto populate section of SortText fieldto better handle the existing data.
  • Update: Added multipart address to SortText auto populate.
  • Update: abcfl-input to 226.
  • Delete: Deprecated shortcode arg: menu-scode.
3.8.5 20211016
  • New: Social icon: Web.
  • New: Added custom Alt option to custom social icons.
3.8.4 20210921
  • New: Hyperink field types have new global options: new tab and download.
  • Update: abcfl-input.php to version 225.
  • Delete: Removed _newTab_ not used anymore.
  • Delete: Removed all references to discontinued fields: QRHLIMGSTA, SH.
3.8.3 20210904
  • Fix: abcfsl_struct_data_field_value_MP added missing parameter masterF.
3.8.2 20210831
  • Fix: Field name label for QRIMGCAP64DYN.
  • Update: Changed minimum PHP version from 7.4 to 7.0. Some of shared hosting firms offer only older, unsupported PHP versions.
3.8.1 20210816
  • New: Added field types: QRIMGCAP64STA QRIMGCAP64DYN to display QR Code Base64.
  • Update: Dicontinued field types: QRHL64STA QRHL64DYN (QR Code hyperlinks). Not compatible with all browsers.
  • Fix: Modified field mapping for image + caption.
3.8.0 20210724
  • Update: MP field order. Added option: Not Selected.
  • Update: MP field. Modified item input section (better logic).
  • Fix: MP fields. Renamed misspelled orderP5 (abcfsl_cnt_MP_field)
3.7.9 20210701
  • New: Added icon for Publons.
  • Update: Redesigned tab Template-Images to make it more compact.
  • Update: Redesigned tab Staff Page Containers to make it more compact.
  • Update: Custom style option added to Page Layout > Custom CSS – Text Container.
  • Fix: Prefix removed if custom class: Page Layout > Custom CSS – Text Container.
3.7.8 20210605
  • New: Added option Image Attribute to staff member images.
  • Update: Redesigned single page hyperlinks section to better handle different page types.
  • Update: Library abcf-html to version 171.
3.7.7 20210530
  • New: Added icon Github.
  • Update: Added script to better handle vtabs sesion storage.
  • Update: Changed Instagram icon to the new version.
3.7.6 20210507
  • Update: Plugin updater version bump from 4.10 to 4.11
  • Fix: Added missing parameters for Grouping to work with ajax MFT and MFP.
  • Fix: Grouping and filters now can use keep-dups parameter (for categories).
3.7.5 20210420
  • Fix: Commented out call to vCard class ABCFVC_Img_Util.
3.7.4 20210420
  • Fix: Added missing parameter hideDelete to functions checking for vCard plugin.
3.7.3 20210418
  • New: Field types QRHL64STA QRHL64DYN for QR Code hyperlinks.
  • Update: abcfl-html to 170
3.7.2 20210318
  • Fix: Master shorcode option parameter should now work with all layouts.
3.7.1 20210311
  • New: Added shortcode options: hiddenFields, hiddenRecords to display hidden data.
  • New: Added shortcode options: keep-dups. To show duplicate records when grouping by categories
  • Update: Staff tabs. Renamed Social Icons to Icons.
  • Update: Updated vtabs script: renamed file, removed console trace.
  • Update: Updater, fixed a few warnings about deprecated jQuery features.
3.7.0 20210129
  • New: Added field VCARDHL – vCard Hyperlink.
  • Update: Removed VCARDHL staff member options.
3.6.9 20210115
  • Update: Added session storage to go to the last active tab after page update (cat, az, multifilter and groups).
  • Update: Added ob_… to shortcode output to avoid error messages when shortcodes are parsed (multiple times) on page save (Yoast, Gutenberg).
3.6.8 20210110
  • New: Added field ADDR.
  • Fix: Fields navigation, updated container ids to work with new script.
3.6.7 20201231
  • Update: Increase number of fields to 50
  • Update: Added 5th part to name multipart field.
  • Update: Added functions related to future implementation of vCard plugin.
  • Fix: Exclude subcategories now works on a single page. Added missing call to _util_fix_cat_excluded_slugs.
3.6.6 20201202
  • Fix: Multifilters menu item now is in the right location (admin panel).
  • Fix: Session storage now works with tab: Staff Page Containers.
3.6.5 20201114
  • Update: Added session storage to go to the last active tab after page update (staff and staff template tabs).
  • Update: STFFCAT. Subcategories won’t be displayed on front end if parent category is an excluded slug. Add excluded subcategories to tplateOptns (util_fix_cat).
  • Update: Fields: SC, SLDTE, STARR, ICONLNK, IMGHLNK ????????. Replaced custom style inputs with compact version.
3.6.4 20201029
  • New: Added fields with layout: static label above. LTABOVE, PTABOVE.
  • Update: Modified staff template, field labels sections.
3.6.3 20201014
  • New: Icon: calculator, twitch.
  • Update: Added shortcode parameter debug-spg for testing single page parameters.
  • Update: Fields: TH, EM, STXT, PT, H, MP, STXEM, HL, POSTTITLE, SORTTXT. Replaced custom style inputs with compact version.
  • Update: Modified abcfsl_spg_a_tag_staff_member_id (staff id by permalink)
3.6.2 20201001
  • Update: Added field type class to SPTL container.
  • Update: Grid C, hide link staff image to Single Page (image hyperlink). imgLnkLDefault
  • Update: Single Page Options. Replaced style inputs with compact version.
  • Update: Field T. Replaced custom style inputs with compact version.
  • Update: Plugin updater version bump from 4.9 to 4.10
3.6.1 20200911
  • Update: Added utility section for displaying class and styles.
  • Fix: Staff member image tab. Renamed textbox label function
3.6.0 20200911
  • Fix: Temporary replaced missing function with the old one. abcfslub_autil_custom_class_and_style
3.5.9 20200911
  • Update: Modified single page image links to accomodate legacy data.
3.5.8 20200911
  • Update: Text link to single page. Text is now required. Hide if sPgLnkTxt is empty.
  • Update: Single page links. Template’s options redesigned.
  • Update: Single page links. Added separate functions to better handle text and image links.
3.5.7 20200902
  • Update: Links to single page. Major redesign.
  • Update: Added option to create links to static single pages.
3.5.6 20200819
  • Fix: Updated library abcfl-html.php to 169.
  • Fix: Error when Grouping Template > Options > Items were empty and shortcode added to a page.
3.5.5 20200813
  • Fix: Replaced qry parameter: page with: staff-page-no. Fix for WP 5.5 changes to WordPress query variables (page).
3.5.4 20200804
  • Fix: Added missing parameter: abcfsl_cnt_grid_a_single_group_all_parts > abcfsl_cnt_grid_a_item
3.5.3 20200729
  • Update: Included menus AZ and Categories in a free version.
3.5.2 20200729
  • Added: New function util_cls_name_bldr as a replacement for util_cls_bldr.
  • Update: Drop shadow classes added. Will be applied to image container instead of images.
  • Update: Library mbox-save updated to 115. Added function to check for max integer.
3.5.1 20200715
  • Update: Staff members, admin table. Modified category filter.>
  • Update: redesigned abcfsl_img_alt to better handle LIB option.
3.5.0 20200630
  • Update: Replaced abcfsl_mbox_item_date_format_for_ouput with abcfsl_cnt_date_formated.
  • Update: Modified abcfsl_mbox_tplate_img > abcfsl_mbox_tplate_img_img_hover.
  • Update: Updated abcfl-mbox-save.php to 114.
  • Update: Added abcfsl_aurl_local.
  • Update: Addded abcfsl_mbox_tplate_img_img_cntr_par. Multiple parameters replaced with array.
3.4.9 20200629
  • Fix: replaced deprecated abcfsl_autil_add_new_field_to_field_order with abcfsl_autil_f_field_to_field_order.
3.4.8 20200509
  • New: Function to get all IDs not sorted.
  • New: Custom class option to individual staff members.
  • Update: Redesigned section related to field display order.
  • Update: Page layouts. Added parameter fieldOrder to avoid multiple function calls.
  • Update: Added shortcode option staff-name-sp. Can be used for dynamic or hybrid single pages.
  • Update: Field type name is used for vTab label when field label is blank. abcfsl_mbox_tplate_fields_lbl.
  • Update: Library abcfl-html to 168.
  • Deleted: abcfl_html_frm_txt_input.
  • Deleted: Not used: dupsltplate, dupslmember. Duplicate Page plugin can be used instead.
  • Fix: Groups, implode function updated to PHP 7.4 syntax.
3.4.7 20200422
  • Update: Modified functions to find database type and version to better handle MariaDB.
  • Fix: Added missing parameters to make the function abcfsls_db_mf_MFP_NEW compatible with older versions of staff search.
3.4.6 20200410
  • Update: Double check if sortType has a valid value.
3.4.5 20200410
  • Fix: Commented out all debugging code.
3.4.4 20200409
  • Update: Modified main DB function (get all IDs) to accomodate multiple ORDER BY options.
  • Delete: admin-demos.php. Replaced with quick start functions.
3.4.3 20200402
  • Fix: To avoid updates, reverted sortType default value to T if empty.
3.4.2 20200402
  • New: Added field type: Sort Text (SORTTXT)
  • Update: Plugin Update Checker to 4.9.
  • Update: Modified main DB function (get all IDs) to better handle default and custom sort options.
  • Update: Only Sort Text option updates hard coded sort order.
  • Update: Post Title field is sorted directly instead using sort order.
  • Update: Ajax parameters have sortType added.
  • Update: Custom sort can have “post-title” or “sort-text” as parameters.
  • Update: Added Sort Text column to Staff members admin table.
3.4.1 20200327
  • Fix: DB function update sort order by post title (MariaDB below 10.2). Replaced hard coded parentID dba_update_menu_order_post_title_no_row_number.
3.4.0 2020032
  • Fix: New multi filter. Updated multifilter class to display mbox content for new filters.
3.3.9 20200326
  • Fix: Restored missing searchBtnName (cnt-filter).
3.3.8 2020032
  • New: Added shortcode option – Excluded categories (category-exclude).
  • Update: Modified MFP functions for better integration with Staff List and Staff List table.
  • Update: Redesigned Multifilters data entry to make first filter optional (can be deleted or not created).
  • Update: Phone social icon URL is converted to “tel:URL”.
  • Update: Custom icons Phone and Email are converted to mailto: or tel:.
  • Update: Custom icons Phone and Email has to be named: Email, Phone, Telefon, Tэлефон, Mobile, Mобильный.
  • Update: Remove trailing comma: abcfsl_cnt_cbom_field_html.
  • Update: Removed shortcode parameter: date-plus (will be provided by Staff List Birthdays).
  • Update: Redesigned database functions to improve performance.
  • Update: Added call to abcfsls_db_staff_ids_MFP (new function is located Staff List Search).
  • Update: Added call to abcfsls_db_ids_MFP (self contained function, located Staff List Search).
  • Update: Removed showField parameter from abcfsl_mbox_tplate_field_lock<./li>
  • Update: Removed lineLocked. Renamed lineLocked to fieldLocked.
  • Update: Added top margin option to staff container to be used when menu is added to a page (lstCntrTM).
  • Update: Removed default from abcfsl_cnt_menu_cls_name_nc_bldr.
  • Update: removed sSecond parameter $lstLayoutH from abcfsl_mbox_tplate_fields_render_cnt.
  • Fix: abcfsl_cnt_grid_a_item replaced TxtCntrGridB with TxtCntrGridA.
  • Fix: Social icon 3 renderd as 1.
3.3.7 20200310
  • Update: removed “team” from pretty permalinks.
3.3.6 20200309
  • New: Custom names of the month. Option to add abbreviated names.
  • Update: Added option to open Social Links in a new tab.
  • Update: Number of custom social increased to six.
  • Update: Post types – single file is used for pro and free.
  • Update: Replaced autil_class_and_style with new functions to better handle custom CSS.
  • Update: R eplace spg_a_tag_get_target with util_get_url_and_target.
  • Fix: Admin table, columns sorting: Sort Order and Modified.
  • Delete: Removed Google+ from social links.
  • Delete: Removed $vAid and $vAidCls.
  • Delete: menu-status.php, mbox-tplate-social.php.
3.3.5 20200219
  • New: Added option to display date as day + month only.
  • New: Added option to show month names instead of numbers.
  • New: Added english month names as built-in option.
  • New: Added option create custom month names (any language).
  • Update: Added shortcode parameter: date-plus (can be used with plugin Staff List Birthdays).
  • Update: Moved why single page is blank to backend.
3.3.4 20200130
  • Fix: Added missing parameter to function call db_post_id_by_pretty.
3.3.3 20200129
  • New: Added permalink page name: team.
  • Update: Structured data: added new fields.
  • Update: Structured data items container: @graph.
  • Update: Structured data container: @context.
  • Update: Field display options, moved Hide/Delete to the top.
  • Update: Simplified label options for field type Staff categories.
  • Update: Social links inputs changed tp 3 columns.
  • Update: abcfl-html to 167.
3.3.2 20200125
  • Update: Minor cosmetic chages to template settings screen for Post Title.
  • Fix: Misspeled function name FONE.
  • Fix: Reversed FONE data inputs.
3.3.1 20200122
  • Update: Modified Staff Order settings to better handle Post Title as a default sort option.
  • Update: Sort type defaults to Post Title for all new records.
3.3.0 2020011
  • New: Added field type: Post Title.
  • New: Added option to sort records by Post Title.
  • Update: Modified data queries to handle the new field and sort order.
  • Delete: Removed legacy SLSearch function abcfsls_db_mf_drop.
3.2.3 20200117
  • Fix: Misspelled parameter name Grid B, custCls.
3.2.2 20200115
  • Fix: Plugin name.
3.2.1 20200509
  • Fix: Horizontal icon spacing.
3.2.0 20200108
  • New: Added field types: Categories, Icon Font with Link, Icon Font Star Rating.
  • Delete: Removed deprecated field type SH.
3.1.2 20191222
  • Fix: Added missing Grid C options (shortcode,cnt and ajax).
3.1.0 20191221
  • New: Grid C. Simplified directory with no staff images.
  • New: Single page, no staff images. Designed to work with Grid C.
  • Update: Single page options modified to better handle custom classes.
  • Update: Single page builder redesigned to work with new page type.
3.0.0 20191214
  • New: Added field types Image and Image Hyperlink.
  • New: Added field type Date.
  • Update: Library abcfl-html udated to 166.
  • Update: Admin, Help section – updated hyperlinks.
2.9.4 20191122
  • Fix: Added multi-template shortcode parameter. Fix for single page with multiple shortcodes (not supported feature).
2.9.3 20191122
  • Update: Redesigned DB functions related to default sort order. Better handling of of MySQL and Maria DB versions.
2.9.2 20191121
  • Fix: DB sort text sequence query modified.
2.9.1 20191121
  • Update: Update Checker test.
2.9.0 20191121
  • New: Added field types Phone and Phone + Static Label.
  • Update: Plugin Update Checker Library to 4.8.
  • Update: Replaced WP filter the_content with custom abcfsl_cnt. Just in case there is a conflict with page builders or other plugins.
  • Fix: Aded ORDER BY to DB function sort records by Sort Text. Some of MySql installs seems not default to ASC.
2.8.2 20191111
  • New: Template option to set default values for staff images (SP).
  • Update: Staff member data entry screen: single page image selector is hidden when SP value is used.
  • Update: Modified DB function to get the right record in case od duplicate pretty permalinks.
  • Update: Moved some of the files to better handle free and pro versions.
2.8.1 20191024
  • New: Added icons: Orcid, ResearchGate.
  • Update: Documentation URLs changed.
  • Update: Modified function social icon basename.
  • Deleted: Removed option Form Action.
2.8.0 20190925
  • New: Added field type Checkbox Group.
  • Update: Renamed field type Multiple Drop-Downs to Drop-Down Group.
  • Update: abcfl-input.php to version 222. Added Checkbox group.
  • Fix: Grid B, Item Container. Custom classes and style can be saved now.
2.7.1 20190925
  • Fix: URLs to Multiple Drop-Downs documentation.
2.7.0 20190924
  • New: Added field type Multiple Drop-Downs.
2.6.3 20190919
  • Update: Grouping – changed some of the labels to better match the documentation.
2.6.2 20190912
  • Update: Grouping – added links to documentation.
2.6.1 20190910
  • Update: Removed slp prefix to simplify adding custom classes.
2.6.0 20190908
  • New: Added Groups.
  • New: Custom CSS can use slp prefix to append staff clasess to the custom ones.
  • Update: Removed options to duplicated staff records. Instead use free plugin: Duplicate Page.
2.5.3 20190905
  • Fix: Group by categories modified SQL statement to fix an error.
2.5.2 20190904
  • Update: Minor changes to plugin-update-checker.php to maybe fix update error.
2.5.1 20190825
  • New: Added option to display staff with group headers.
  • Update: Plugin Update Checker Library to 4.7
2.5.0 20190805
  • New: Added field type Email with Static Text.
2.4.9 20190803
  • Update: Minor changes to some of the staff template labels.
2.4.8 20190731
  • New: Added modified date to staff members screen.
  • New: MP field, added prefixes.
  • Update: MP field options. Redesigned template inputs.
  • Fix: Search form no records on load. Search button will show no records when no criteria.
  • Fix: Url for Why Single Page is blank now opens docs page.
2.4.7 20190608
  • Update: Added vCard icon.
2.4.6 20190607
  • Update: Added Telegram icon.
  • Update: Plugin Update Checker Library to 4.6.
2.4.5 20190606
  • Fix: Manual staff order. Individual record update won’t triger sort text update.
2.4.4 20190408
  • Fix: Spelling error fixed.
2.4.3 20190405
  • Update: Added New to pot file.
  • Library input.php updated to v220.
2.4.2 20190404
  • New: Created pot file.
  • Update: Plugin ready for loading language files.
  • Update: Modified text strings to get ready for pot file.
  • Fix: Manual sort option now should work as expected.
2.4.1 20190328
  • Update: Added custom sort option to staff search plugin.
  • Update: Check for updates changed to 96.
2.4.0 20190322
  • Update: Added black to color schema for paging.
  • Update: Custom social icon name can have underscore.
  • Fix: Staff order not updated in some scenarios.
2.3.9 20190314
  • Update: Custom social icon names.
2.3.8 20190308
  • Update: Sort Order template options changed to simplify data entry.
  • Update: Template update section. No records resorting if sort type not changed.
2.3.7 20190223
  • New: Added template option to display email address as plain text.
  • New: Top shortcode parameter now can be used for all results (not only with random option).
  • Update: Updater to version 4.5.
2.3.6 20190221
  • New: Link to a single page can be disabled on individual records.
  • Update: If link to single page disabled direct URL won’t display any data.
  • Update: Added Pro to main menu.
2.3.5 20190204
  • Update: Added menu shortcode for CAT and AZ menus.
  • Update: Menus can be rendered in sidebars.
  • Update: Deleted deprecated functions.
  • Update: Deleted old shortcodes.
2.3.4 20190127
  • Fix: Misspeled function name.
2.3.3 20190127
  • Update: Added option to duplicate staff member.
  • Update: Help link “Create page” changed to the new URL.
  • Update: Deleted deprecated Menu tab. Shortcode parameter is used instead.
  • Update: Template field number and type – added links to documentation.
  • Update: Changed filter for YOAST page title to: wpseo_title.
2.3.2 20190114
  • Update: Ajax paging to better rended page numbers.
  • Update: CSS file.Added new classes to handle updated MTFP layouts.
  • Update: Changed dropdown labels to better describe Search and Reset bottons color.
  • Update: Library files html to 164.
2.3.1 20181231
  • Update: Library files.
  • Update: Post new abcfsl_cnt_filter_post_new added MFP
2.3.0 20180629
  • New: Added shortcode option: custom sort.
  • Update: Social icons. Replaced html_img_tag with html_img_tag_resp.
2.2.7 20180722
  • Fix: Missing version.
2.2.6 20180721
  • Fix: CBO. Fixed font size labels.
  • Update: Added version number to single page container.
2.2.5 20180512
  • Fix: post_row_actions filter used to disable quick edit.
2.2.4 20180421
  • Fix: HTML tags not converted to entites in text editor field.
2.2.3 20180410
  • Fix: Warnings when smid parameter points to not existing record.
  • Fix: Temporary fix for pretty permalink pointing to not existing record.
2.2.2 20180403
  • Fix: Added default array value $menu[‘noDataMsg’] (ajax-cnt)
2.2.1 20180403
  • Update: Added links to documentation for Drop-down field types.
2.2.0 20180329
  • New: Field type: Static Label + Drop-down.
  • Update: Added trim to CBO item save.
  • Update: Updated libray to better handle images with no hyperlinks (abcfl_html_a_tag_img).
2.1.0 20180322
  • New: Added field type: Drop-down.
2.0.9 20180308
  • Fix: Modified MTF section to work with Ajax.
2.0.8 20180305
  • New: Added Ajax option. Can be used instead of page reload (paging, menus and search filters).
  • Update: Pagination option chaged to top or bottom not both.
  • Update: Removed $showAllLast . All option is always first.
  • Update: Text editor field now has Visual tab.
2.0.7 20180202
  • Fix: Function name misspeled.
2.0.6 20180131
  • New: Added link attributes.
  • New: Option to add JS to onclick.
  • Update: Redesigned img and a tags to handle attribute and JS fields.
  • Update: Alt attribute is alway added even if empty.
  • Update: Updater URL changed to https.
  • Update: Image item, added link fields, image size to 100.
  • Update: Library abcfl-html updated to better handle alt and link tags.
  • Update: Replaced abcfl_html_img_tag with abcfl_html_img_tag_resp
  • Update: abcfsl_img_alt NA not used anymore. NONE or LIB instead.
  • Deleted: SH from stuct-data
2.0.5 20180118
  • Fix: Missing parameter for pg_layout_list.
2.0.4 20180118
  • Update: Incresed number of columns for Grid A and B from 6 to 12.
  • Update: New media breakpoint for large screens: 2000px;
  • Update: CSS updated to handle new columns and breakpoints.
  • Update: Library. Added input type date;
  • Fix: Yoast SEO. Updated filter to stop owerwriting custom page names.
2.0.3 20171206
  • Update: Moved some of the isotope related code to Isotope extension.
2.0.2 20171112
  • New: Added check for Isotope add-on.
  • Update: Item containers now have more consistent class names.
  • Update: Grid A – added media queries breakpoints.
  • Update: Added option to set margins on image container (for overlay).
  • Update: Changed minimum screen size from 480 to 576 px.
  • Fix: Overlay position for GridB and List.
2.0.1 20171002
  • Update: Static text – added check for Text Editor.
  • Fix: Static text – now shows up on staff member data entry forms.
2.0.0 20170920
  • Fix: Shortcode tab empty.
1.9.9 20170917
  • New: Added Form Action field. Allows scrolling to anchor after form submit.
1.9.8 20170907
  • Update: PHP 7.1 compatibility.
  • Update: Added page title support for custom permlinks plugin.
1.9.7 20170903
  • Update: Added support for custom permlinks plugin (abcfslcp_is_single_pretty).
  • Fix: Missing BR tag added to abcfl_mbsave_save_allowed_tags.
1.9.6 20170829
  • Fix: Fixed PHP 7.1 error “[] operator not supported for strings”.
1.9.4 20170827
  • New: Added option to copy field content into Sort Text field.
  • New: Shortcode option – top numer of records.
  • Update: Added ID multi filter containers abcfslMFilterCntr.
  • Update: Category slugs won’t show errors if there are no records linked to it.
1.9.3 20170821
  • New: Added Static Label field.
  • Update: Text fields will accept most of the HTML tags (library).
  • Update: Redesigned Image ID handling.
  • Update: Added Alt field.
  • Fix: Palceholder custom images – fixed image select.
1.9.2 20170816
  • Update: Plugin-updates library to version 4.2.
1.9.0 20170812
  • Update: Added icon: phone.
  • Update: Updated plugin-updates section to the new version.
  • Fix: Field values SP, NT and tel: converted to Structured Data.
1.8.9 20170811
  • New: Now you can add Structured Data to both list and single pages.
  • New: Canonical URLs can be customized with our free plugin: No Canonical.
  • Update: Improved quering of hidden records. Moved all checks to DB section.
  • Fix: Modified function add_filter ‘parse_query’ to avoid conflict with Yoast SEO.
1.8.8 20170719
  • New: Shortcode filter sort: ASC/DESC
  • Update: Redesigned SQL to better handle mutifilters and menus.
  • Update: Redesigned sort order update to better handle a large number of records.
1.8.6 20170715
  • Update: Redesigned data entry for images to better handle image IDs.
  • Update: Added option to get image alt even if there is no image ID.
  • Update: Redesigned data entry for image placeholders to better handle image IDs.
  • Update: Changed image selection JS script.
  • Update: Redesigned SQL to better handle categories and AZ menus.
  • Update: Hidden records are now exluded from paging counts.
  • Update: Shordcode category parameter can have multiple categories.
1.8.4 20170712
  • Fix: Hidden records included in total for paging control.
1.8.3 20170711
  • Fix: Hidden records removed from paging count.
1.8.2 20170622
  • Update: Added option No Records message to individual menus.
  • Update: Grid A, text container. Updated code to handle image placeholders.
1.8.1 20170621
  • Fix: AZ filter now saves filter parameters.
1.8.0 20170620
  • New: Image placeholders.
  • Update: Updated category section to handle multiple instances of the same filter type.
  • Update: Paragraph text now accepts hyperlinks.
  • Update: Removed add_role_caps from admin_init. Custom caps are added on activation hook.
  • Update: Moved menu tab. Added deprecated warning.
  • Fix: Fixed link to Pagination help page.
1.7.9 20170611
  • New: Circular Image option.
  • New: Custom social icons: Marker and Pinterest.
  • Update: Input library. Added function to handle checkbox help links.
1.7.7 20170606
  • Update: Added Custom Dropdown filter option to sync with Staff Search options.
  • Fix: AZ dropdown. Keys to lowercase.
1.7.6 20170602
  • Fix: Removed Text Search from list of filters.
1.7.5 20170531
  • Update: Improved data formating and sanitizations for filter inputs.
1.7.4 20170528
  • Tweak: Integrated search features with Staff Search add-on.
1.7.3 20170510
  • Fix: Misspeled parameter name itemID.
1.7.1 20170507
  • New: Menu shortcode parameter.
  • Fix: HTML library misspelled function name.
  • Fix: Hide Record doesn’t leave blank space anymore.
1.7.0 20170506
  • New: Multi Filter.
1.6.6 20170505
  • New: Image hover effects.
  • Update: Removed discontinued CSS.
  • Update: Changed pagination sizes from rem to px for better compability with themes having base font != 16px;
  • Fix: Handle no AZ list in AZ menu. Used to generate an error.
  • Update: Changed single page $pgLayout to 100.
  • Update: Removed duplicate class abcfslImgCenter. $imgCenterCls ?????? _imgCenter.v
  • Update: Changed image container rendering to accomodate hover effects and single page.
1.6.5 20170502
  • Fix: Handle no AZ list in AZ menu. Used to generate an error.
1.6.4 20170405
  • Fix: Shortcode random option.
1.6.3 20170404
  • New: Custom message to show when cataegories or AZ menu item has no data.
  • New: Admin filters: Templates and Categories.
  • Fix: AZ Menu, field ID. Added new fields 21-40.
1.6.2 20170328
  • New: Pagination.
  • New: Shortcode parameter to show a single staff member, grid or a single page.
  • Fix: Removed query parameter slpcat (replaced with staff-category).
1.6.1 20170314
  • Fix: Removed a few lines of CSS. Should be used for testing only.
1.6.0 20170313
  • Fix: Added missing nonce to the script items manual sort.
  • Update: Restored Quick Edit for Staff Members
1.5.9 20170311
  • Fix: Items sort table. Fixed rendering issues in Chrome.
1.5.8 20170308
  • Fix: Added missing legacy code to autil library.
1.5.7 20170308
  • Update: Single page can only show published posts. Status = publish.
  • Fix: Static label & text. Custom CSS page type prefixes.
1.5.6 20170303
  • Update: Default template fields displayed on add new.
  • Update: Permissions for options and license pages.
  • Update: Removed tabs.js, show-advanced.js
  • Fix: Added missing icon.
1.5.5 20170303
  • New: Default template option.
  • New: Quick Start option.
1.5.4 20170226
  • New: Option to convert one template layout to another layout.
  • Fix: Fixed field names for static label custom style.
1.5.3 20170206
  • Update: Custom roles can be created for staff member editors.
1.5.2 20170206
  • Update: Custom caps testing version.
1.5.1 20170204
  • Update: Added custom caps for staff members, taxonomy and menu.
1.5.0 20170124
  • New: Added tab Single Page to template options.
  • Update: Added field Single Page Text Link to template options.
  • Update: Removed option to add field: ‘SH’ Single Page Hyperlink.
  • Update: Added discontinued field notice to SH fields.
1.4.0 20170118
  • New: Increased field number from 20 to 40.
  • Update: Added span containers to each of the parts of multipart field.
  • Update: Library files to better acomodate direct links to documentation.
  • Update: Added Segoe Semibold to library CSS to fix 600 font rendering in Firefox.
  • Update: Changed font name for some labels to fix 600 font rendering in Firefox.
  • Update: Removed SH field from staff member screen.
1.3.2 20170114
  • New: Direct links to Documentation sections.
  • Update: Removed legacy menu code: catPgTxt, catPgURL.
  • Update: Changed admin font stack to system fonts (as per WP 4.6).
  • Update: Added ‘p’ tag to paragraph $allowedTags.
  • Fix: Multipart field description.
1.3.1 20161229
  • Fix: Order by Sort Text.
1.3.0 20161228
  • New: Added field “Single Page Link” SH.
  • Update: Demo records.
  • Fix: Order by Sort Text.
1.2.4 20161226
  • Update: Moved all require_once to main file
  • Update: Added option ‘NT SP’
  • Fix: Link “Why Single Page is blank” points to the right help section.
1.2.3 20161217
  • New: Shortcode parameter “random”.
  • Update: Menu Category. All can be set as a last menu item.
1.2.2 20161210
  • New: Pretty permalinks single page names: profil, perfil, profilo.
1.2.1 20161208
  • New: Option to show All Categories as a last item.
1.2.0 20161127
  • New: Single page pretty permalinks.
  • New: Single page custom title.
  • Fix: Moved template tabs includes to the main file, admin section.
1.1.4 20161115
  • Fix: Hide Record update (hideSMember).
1.1.2 20161114
  • Fix: Twitter spelling error in mbox_item_social.
  • Update: abcfsl_util_get_target
  • New: abcfsl_util_imgs_folder_url
1.1.1 20161105
  • New: Icon Home.
1.1.0 20161102
  • Update: Added the_content filter to execute shortcodes from HTML field.
  • New: Added field type Shortcode.
1.0.3 20161025
  • New: Added option to hide Staff Member record.
  • New: NT hyperlink prefix to open link in a new tab.
  • Fix: YouTube icon to lowercase.
1.0.2 20160908
  • Fix: Minor bugs fixed: Visual Assistance.
  • Update: Changed image ID section.
  • Update: abcfl-admin to 1.2.3
1.0.1 20160807
  • Fix: Minor bugs fixed.
1.0.0 20160804
  • New: Vertical tabs script and CSS.
  • Enhancement: Interface update. Replaced horizontal tabs with vertical ones.
  • Enhancement: Template screen. Added field label to field IDs.
  • Enhancement: Added links to the documentation pages.
0.9.0 20160802
  • New: Calendar and Link icons
  • Update: Redesigned Single Page layout. Added top and bottom sections.
0.8.4 20160719
  • Update: Changed menus rendering code.
  • Update: Menus can be selected from a template or added directly to a page as a shortcode.
0.8.3 2010712
  • Fix: Minor bug: Missing Undefined index: menu-az.
0.8.1 20160711
  • Update: Added select menu option to all templates.
  • Update: Added vAid option to Grid A and List tempaltes.
  • Update: Changed shortcodes to better match template names.
0.8.0 20160710
  • New: A-Z filter and Menu builder.
  • New: 4 parts text field (Name Field).
  • Update: Now menu can be added by selecting it from a template.
  • Update: Discontinued menu shortcode option. Menu can be selected directly from a template.
  • Fix: Changed code to make sure legacy menu shortcodes will work.
0.7.4 20160622
  • New: Optional shortcode parameter ‘staff-id’ to display single staff member.
0.7.3 20160622
  • Fix: Grid layout. Missing row closing DIV tag when row was not full.
0.7.2 20160619
  • New: Viadeo icon
  • New: Shortcode parameter: master.
0.7.1 20160619
  • New: Grid B layout.
  • Update: CSS.
  • Update: Menus can use qry parameter or shortcode category.
  • Fix: abcfslLstCol { -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box;
  • Fix: Text editor, Hyperlink, Static Text + Hyperlink: don’t render if URL empty.
  • Fix: Changed label Template Locked to Field Locked.
  • Fix: Social links top margin.
0.6.1 20160528
  • New: Categories Menu section.
  • New: Added social icons: GraduationCap, GoogleScholar.
  • Update: Removed option show advanced fields .js and showAll.
  • Fix: Added missing icon names to icon basename function.
0.5.4 20160526
  • Final version before Categories menu.
0.5.3 20160521
  • New: Added URL query parameter ‘slpcat’. It can be used to filter content by category.
  • Update: Static Label & Text template interface. Removed dividers.
  • Fix: Input Field tabs 11-20 now open on click.
0.5.1 20160517
  • Update: Changed min permissions to Editor.
0.5.0 20160516
  • Update: Updated library, updated a few labels.
0.4.9 20160514
  • Update: Paragraph Text filed now accepts limited HTML tags: b, br, em, i, strong.
  • Update: Library functions in: abcfl-mbox-save, abcfl-input. Added code to handle HTML tags.
0.4.8 20160422
  • New: Text field top margin can be selected from the dropdown.
  • New: Text font can be selected from the dropdown.
  • New: Image borders and center options can be selected from the dropdown.
  • Update: Modified templates interface for better user experience.
  • Update: Moved page layout options to page layout tabs.
  • Update: Deleted layout: List Image Top, Text Bottom. Grid with a sigle column is a better option.
  • Update: Deleted custom class inputs for: Grid item left + right margins. Replaced with dropdown.
  • Update: Deleted custom class inputs for: Grid item bottom margins. Replaced with dropdown.
  • Update: Grid item legacy classes left, right and bottom margin are copied to Custom Class CSS.
  • Fix: Added list content container custom width to custom style.
0.4.6 20160407
  • Fix: Comments in CSS file.
  • Fix: Multisite install error.
0.4.5 20160323
  • Fix: Email icons now opens email client.
0.4.4 20160322
  • New: Social Media icons.
0.4.1 20160311
  • New: Replaced single data entry screen with Staff page and Single page.
  • New: Replaced field ordering panel with with two panels: Staff and Single page.
  • New: Added dropdown for Hide/Delete options.
  • Update: Removed Hide/Delete from Show Field On.
  • Update: Modified data fields layout to simplify data entry.
  • Update: Shortcode descriptions.
  • Fix: Undefined variable: inputLinkUrlHlp.
0.3.7 20160304
  • Fix: Added missing utility file.
0.3.6 20160304
  • Update: Udated shortcode tab and instructions.
  • Update: Redesigned the Grid section.
  • Update: Added some new CSS.
0.3.5 20160228
  • Fix: File name changed
0.3.4 20160225
  • Fix: Staff member data entry screen tabs
0.3.3 20160220
  • Update: Replaced default abcfslLstRowCntrPadBMB with abcfslPadBMB30
0.3.2 20160215
  • Update: Replaced trashed_post with wp_insert_post_data filter. to better handle template delete when it has staff members.
0.3.1 20160215
  • Fix: ABCFSL_MBox_List bug fix.
0.3.0 20160215
  • Update: Changed main file name.
  • Update: Replaced checker ABCFSL_PLUGIN_FOLDER with slug.
0.2.9 20160215
  • Update: Changed fields ID labels to match sort fields screen.
0.2.7 20160213
  • New: Categories.
0.2.8 20160212
  • Update: Changed to Pro.
  • Update: Removed ABCFSL_VERSION. replaced with class var.
  • New: Added post ID column do list of posts (WP admin).
0.2.6 20160208
  • Update: Changed custom CSS file name to abcfolio/custom-staff-list.css.
  • Update: Added plugin version to container class.
0.2.5 20160204
  • New: Text Container Width = Image Width.
  • New: CSS added horizontal line.
0.2.4 20160127
  • Fix: Url to contact-us page.
0.2.3 20160127
  • Cleanup, testing, demos.
0.0.1 20151107
  • Initial version.