Staff Categories

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Categories

Staff List categories can only be used by Staff List plugins.
Staff List and WordPress categories share the same code and data locations.
Naming conventions and restrictions are the same for both types of categories.
Categories are hierarchical, meaning that each one can have child categories.

Category names.

  • The Category Name must be unique.
  • Category names can contain accented and non-Latin characters such as arabic, chinese, hebrew or russian.
  • Category names are saved as is in wp_terms table, name column.

Category slugs.

  • Slugs are the URL-friendly names, used to identify categories.
  • Category slugs must be unique.
  • Slugs names are limited to subset of ASCII character set.
  • A slug will be generated automatically when the input box is left empty.
  • Accented and other unsafe characters will be sanitized and replaced.
  • For non-Latin characters, percent encoding will be used.

Automatically generated slugs.

Category slugs can be auto-generated or created manually.
Category names are sanitized and optionally encoded to create a valid slugs.
Slugs can be edited after they are created.
Category names with accents.
Slugs are sanitized, accented characters are replaced.
Admin screen
Content of the database fields will match the names displayed on the admin screen.
Category names, non-Latin scripts.
Slugs are sanitized, percent encoding is used to replace all characters.
Admin screen
Content of the database fields may differ from the names displayed on the admin screen.
Urldecode function is used render the slug names in a human-readable format.
Saved slug names are percent encoded.
Percent encoded slugs can’t be used by Staff List menus and filters.

Staff List plugin – valid slug names.

Accented characters.
Enter the category name in your preferred language. Accented characters are OK.
Proper slug name will be auto-generated.
Non-Latin scripts.
Enter the category name in your preferred language. Non-Latin characters are OK.
Enter the the slug name manually. Use only ASCII characters.

Example of valid slug names.

Staff List Categories – Admin.
Staff List Categories – database.